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AKVM Roofing is a Fully Licensed and Insured
Roofing Contractor

With more than 15 years in business, AKVM is your Sarasota roofing company of choice for a new roof or roof repairs to your existing roof. We are licensed and insured, and all of our roofers are trained in the repair and installation of shingle, tile and metal roofs.

Need a new roof? Call AKVM. Our Sarasota area roofing professionals will come to your home, visually inspect and measure your roof and make knowledgeable recommendations for the materials that works with your budges and will complement your home’s exterior. We’ll answer any questions you have, investigate potential problems and provide you with a written estimate.

We competently adhere to Florida building codes when installing your new roof, and we use only the best materials for underlayment and other roofing materials to protect your home against rain and storm damage.

At AKVM, our goal is to make you a satisfied customer for life. We’re devoted to honesty and integrity, so we won’t cut corners when repairing or replacing your roof.

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Sarasota Roofing Company
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Sarasota roofing company
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Sarasota roofing company
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Sarasota roofing company
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New Roofs

sarasota roofing company

We are an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor

With so many shingle options to choose from, AKVM is committed to the highest standards of quality, which is why we stand by Owens Corning’s TruDefinition® Duration® shingle series. These shingles offer incredible value and exceptional performance and a wide variety of color choices to enhance your home’s aesthetic.

Our West Central Florida climate can be tough on housing materials, especially roofing, so AKVM takes extra care with the quality of materials and installation to ensure that your roof can stand up to high winds, hot sun and plenty of rainwater. Ask your AKVM representative about extended warranties on materials and workmanship to provide you with extra peace of mind.

Asphalt shingle

As one of the most popular and affordable roofing materials, asphalt shingles offer a lot of value for what you’re spending. They’re available in a wide variety of colors, textures and thicknesses and can be treated to prevent mold and mildew. AKVM is dedicated to getting you the shingle you want and performing a top-quality, professional installation for prices that refuse to be beat.

Clay & Concrete Tile

AKVM’s professional roofers have extensive experience working with all types of concrete and clay roof tiles. Florida’s weather conditions call for a durable roof material, and tile beats out almost any material in terms of durability, wind resistance, resistance to fire and insect damage, and insulation. Tile roofs will contribute to keeping your home cooler in the hot Florida summers.

Tile roofs are available to Florida homeowners in a wide range of styles, including:

  • Mission tile
  • French tile
  • Spanish tile
  • Interlocking shingle tile

Each type of roofing tile has its own unique look and character to suit your building’s architectural style.

Concrete and tile roofs, when installed and maintained properly, typically last 50 years or more. A roof of this type of material is a wise investment that will last for many decades.

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Metal roofs

AKVM’s certified experts can help you choose the best roofing materials for your home, explaining the benefits of each one. One of the best materials used in roofing is metal. Our roofing experts are extensively trained in the installation and inspection of metal roofs, providing a safe and secure assurance in good weather and bad.

Some of the best features of metal roofing are as follows:

  • They’re energy efficient. The reflective and emissive properties of metal roofing keep your home cooler in the hot summers, providing energy savings you’ll be delighted to see on your electric bill.
  • They’re durable. In Florida’s tropical heat, a highly reflective material like metal can play a large role in protecting your roof from the damaging effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays.
  • They’re resistant to hurricane-force winds. Metal roofs installed by AKVM can withstand wind gusts up to 140 mph, providing better wind resistance than other materials
  • They’re water-resistant. Florida storms bring a lot of water, driving the need to pay special attention to how well your roofing materials stand up to the dangers of water damage. Metal roofing is non-porous, increasing your home’s protection against leaks, mold, moisture damage and rot.
  • They’re pest-repellant. Insects, rodents and other nuisances will find that metal roofs are impossible for them to penetrate, providing your home’s structure from the damage these pests would have undoubtedly inflicted.
  • They’re aesthetically pleasing. Metal roofing comes in many choices of profile, finish and coating that contribute to your home’s curb appeal as well as warding the sun’s rays away. You can even get metal roofing that mimics the look of shake, slate, tile or asphalt.

AKVM’s experienced pros can help you choose the best roof for your home.

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Sarasota roofing company

Roof Repair

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Serving Sarasota, FL
AKVM Roofing is a Fully Licensed and Insured
Roofing Contractor

Tile Roof Repair

Although your roof is tough, it can occasionally sustain minor damage. In this case, our team at AKVM can inspect and make repairs as needed. The most common problem you could encounter with tile roofing is minor cracking. AKVM will expertly and quickly inspect, repair and replace damaged tiles as needed. If necessary, we’re typically able to refresh the underlayment to keep your tile roof in good working order. With proper maintenance and repair, tile roofs are designed to last for 50-plus years.

Find out more about our tile roofing services

Metal Roof Repair

Metal roofs tend to remain durable and attractive with minimum maintenance requirements, which is why they’re so popular. That said, nothing’s infallible. Though these roofs are meant to last a lifetime, they may encounter instances that result in damage, including blow offs, leaks, punctures or tears. As soon as you suspect damage, call us to come out to inspect your roof; the most important part of heading off any damage is to find and repair any weaknesses immediately. This step could make a substantial difference in the prevention of leaking and structural damage. We can reapply coating, remove minor instances of rust, replace fasteners as needed, patch holes or tears, seal seams or, in more serious instances, replace an entire section of damaged roof. Learn more about the benefits of metal roofs.

Asphalt Roof Repair

Your roof is built to protect your home from wind, water, sun and pests, but these things have the potential to cause slow, eventual weaknesses over time or immediate, serious damage in the event of an especially violent storm or other unforeseen incident. As soon as this happens, call us to come check out the damage, assess your roof’s needs and get started on repairs. We’ll inspect, and repair or replace as needed, soffits, fascia, vents and flashing as well as missing or damaged shingles. Call us right away if you suspect damage or weakening, as acting quickly is the key to protecting your home’s structure from sustaining unnecessary damage. You can help prevent damage to your roof by keeping your trees trimmed, your gutters cleaned out and by scheduling annual inspections to catch any potential problems before they become serious.

Need Financing?

No matter your home’s situation, we offer free roof inspections to determine the right solution for your home and your budget. If you’re worried about roof replacement cost, we have a variety of options that we can discuss to meet your budget needs. We partner with Hearth Financial to offer 100% financing on new roof installations and repairs. Hearth Financial specializes in financing roofing loans and provide competitive rates to make it easy and affordable to repair or replace your roof. To finance your project with no money down, we work with Ygrene to provide financing that can be repaid with your property taxes. AKVM’s Sarasota roofers possess the skill and professionalism to put you at ease while we perform your roof replacement or repair with the highest standards in workmanship and materials, and you’ll rest easy with our easy financing options.

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